Blacklight Slide

What is Blacklight Slide™?

Blacklight Slide™ is a unique night experience focused on UV Neon Glowing fun! Glowing sliders attend from all over with friends and family for the night of their lives sliding down the Blacklight Slide with neon glow in the dark water running down it; every participant will certainly Get Glowed™! With the best after party in the world and the best music pumping from one of the top DJ’s in the country you will have the time of your life. The Blacklight Slide™ will leave you glowing with amazement and waiting for the next one!

The Blacklight Slide™ has been setup with very simple rules

​1) Wear a white shirt or suitable swimsuit top. Swimsuits are welcome.

2) Grab your tube for optimal sliding!

2) HAVE FUN! When you’re done sliding you’ll be covered in Blacklight Slide™ UV Neon Glowing water colors!

3) Have the time of your life at the Blacklight Slide™ After Party! With Neon Glow in the dark water and music to make your head spin from one of the top DJ’s in the country brought to your city just for you.

By the end, you will look like you fell into a Ghost Buster’s movie (minus the slime) and covered with different colored Blacklight Slide™ UV Neon Glow. This is the first of its kind at night and is quickly sweeping the nation!

Each participant will receive

– Unlimited trips down the glowing Blacklight Slide™
– Blacklight Slide™ Glow in the Dark Tattoo
– Blacklight Slide™ Special Edition Towel
– Donation to a local charity
– Admission to Blacklight Slide™After Party!

Our Story

At U Run we are committed to giving back to our community. We dedicate our races to children. We are faithful to children and families, understanding that 1 in 3 families are rocked by childhood cancer, terminal illnesses every day. We work with Children’s Miracle Network, with a passion and drive to support our very own neighborhood leader Phoenix Children’s Hospital, here in our hometown of Phoenix AZ.

Why Phoenix Children’s Hospital? Our own family was rocked to its core when our daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when she was just 4 years old. At the onset of her treatment, a family friend encouraged us to transfer her care to PCH. Within days of exceptional care at PCH, they had discovered our daughter was misdiagnosed and was, in fact, cancer free. PCH investigated the issue deeper to discover the diagnosing doctor misdiagnosed 7 other children. PCH not only saved my daughter’s life but they took their passion for children beyond their hospital walls to save 7 other families. Our family will always be deeply indebted to PCH for their love, compassion, educated doctors, staff, and giving our family and daughter HOPE.

We dedicate our races to Childhood Cancer Awareness and make sure we are working to spread the word around the nation one runner, once race at a time.