Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have.


will it stain my swimsuit?

You don’t want your swimsuit to glow?! There is a possibility it could stain your swimsuit, so please keep that in mind as you choose your attire.

is there a place to change?

Unfortunately, there is not. Please come dressed to slide, or feel free to change in your car.

what do i do with my stuff?

We don’t want your stuff to get lost in the waves, and we know you don’t either! You are welcome to carry a small drawstring bag with you full of your belongings or leave your valuables in the car.

If you are joining us in one of the cities listed below, you can reserve your storage space now with Gametime Mobile Storage. Simply follow the link for your city:

what if i don't have a tube?

Forgot your inner tube on the day of your event? No problem! We have inner tubes for a sale at the event, and they are only $10! They are specially designed to fit our slides and make them even more fun.

selfie sticks?

Selfies are a go; selfie sticks are a no. But if you do take a selfie, tag us!

I bought direct to u. When do I get my wristband?

If you bought Direct To U, you’ll receive your wristband approximately two weeks before the event. If you don’t receive it by a week before, please email us and we will look into it for you!

Effective april 1st, direct to u is no longer available to new registrants.

can i get my friend's wristband?

You sure can — for a family member or a friend. As long as their waiver has been signed online (typically done during registration), you will simply need to present their confirmation email. This is how we know you have permission to pick up their stuff!

Do I need a tube to slide?

You sure do! We require sliders have an inner tube (max size 36 inches) to ride down the slide due to safety reasons. But it’s for fun, too! With an inner tube, you travel down the slide faster, and everyone knows that fast = fun!

Forgot your innertube on the day of the event? No problem! We have inner tubes for the sale at the event.

slide accessibility?

All sliders must be able to personally walk up to the 40-foot-tall stairs on the slide. The slide is unfortunately not accessible to people in wheelchairs, strollers, on crutches, people with casts due to injury, or people with inner tubes too large for the width of the slide (max size 36 inches). Please contact us with any questions at [email protected].

what should i wear?

Our suggestion is to wear white in order to maximize your glow! Most participants will be wearing swimwear, but it’s not required! Any attire with the exception of jeans or items with rivets is welcome. And keep it classy — children will be present, and we are a family-friendly event.

should i wear shoes?

It’s in your best interest. We suggest water shoes or sandals that strap to your feet. Flip-flops, however, are not encouraged as they can fall off and potentially be lost.


what is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we do NOT issue refunds. This is due to the logistics and set up of the event. Our location and date are subject to change, but we make every effort to maintain the original date and location. However, some locations may cancel or city regulations can cause us to have to reschedule. To make this the best experience possible, please be sure you are available before signing up. Due to some venues restrictions, we do not bring all slides you see in our videos and photos to every event. We do not give a refund for not having a slide you see in a video or photo. We will bring all our slides as long as the venue and city permits us.

can i transfer to another event?

We can transfer you to another city as long as you email us at least 2 days prior to the event. We cannot, however, if the race is already past. Please note that registrations must be used within the same calendar year as they were originally purchased for.

is my waiver signed?

Here’s how you can check:

  1. Go to your confirmation email
  2. Click on “Manage Registration”
  3. Under the event you registered for, click “View/Edit Registration”
  4. Select “Sign Waiver.” If the waiver has been signed already, it will say so.

Under 18

can kids ride on my lap?

Nope! Due to safety concerns, all kids must slide on their own inner tube (and meet our height and weight requirements). You will be able to slide right after them or wait at the bottom for your child to arrive!

is there a height or age requirement?

Yes! Sliders must be 46″ tall and at least 5 years of age in order to ride our slides. And remember: if you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian sign or submit a waiver for you prior to sliding. This is typically done electronically at the time of the ticket purchase.


Weather Policies

Blacklight Slide™ will be delayed if any of the following weather conditions are present:

  • Tornado Warning
  • Tornado Watch
  • Thunderstorm/Electrical Storm
  • Heavy Rain
  • Winds higher than 30 mph or other major weather conditions

Start of the Event // Delay of the Event

The start of the event will be delayed if any of the aforementioned weather conditions are present. It will only be cancelled if these conditions do not improve in a timely manner. If this were to happen, we will do our best to contact you onsite, via email, and through all Blacklight Slide™ social media changes.

Authority to Cancel the Event

The Event Director, in accordance with city and local law enforcement, has the authority to cancel the event. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, as funds were already spent in preparing for the event and race day.


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